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Storm's Heart (Elder Races Series #2)

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison

I'm very disappointed in this.

I really liked Dragon Bound, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal romances, but I just could not like Storm's Heart. In fact, I couldn't even finish it.

For one, I didn't like the main characters, Tiago and Tricks, because they are one-dimensional. Tiago's character is solely defined by his muscles. No, really. I got tired of the author stating over and over again how big and massive he is. He also doesn't have much personality other than being an aggressive male. I liked Dragos from Dragon Bound, because even though he was aggressive, he was learning to be less of a jerk and was respectful of Pia. Tiago has none of that.

I didn't care for Tricks either. I liked her in Dragon Bound for her enthusiastic attitude, but here she lost all that spark and seems like a different character. She's more of a helpless weakling. The author also puts too much emphasis on how small and delicate she is compared to Tiago.

I didn't like Tricks and Tiago's relationship, because I wasn't convinced that they fell in love with each other. I never saw any reason why they were attracted to each other. I just had to take the author's word for it.

The plot is boring. The politics gets a little heavy, and there's info dumping here and there. I didn't mind the slow pacing in Dragon Bound, because it at least helped in developing Dragos and Pia's relationship, but since the romance here is lacking, the snail's pace was excruciating for me and made me drop the book.

All in all, just a major disappointment for me. Not sure if I will pick up the third book, but I like the author's writing so if I see #3 in the library, I will give it try.