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Black Cat

Black Cat - Cat Johnson

Source: A freebie from All Romance eBooks.

Reading Challenges:
-Color Coded (Has the word 'black' in the title)
-Erotic Enchants Read, Rate, and Review
-What an Animal (Character was transformed into a cat)
-Why Buy the Cow?

My Thoughts:
I thought this was cute. I own a black cat myself, and I'm sure he's just a regular old cat and not a man cursed to be a cat like the guy in this story. Ha.

There were some pretty funny parts like when the ladies recite their incantations and when Lar takes care of Belinda's boyfriend.

I was left wondering though since Lar was neutered as a cat, did it have any effect on him when he turned back into a human? I'm guessing it didn't since there was no mention...