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The Fireman Who Loved Me (Bachelor Firemen Series)

The Fireman Who Loved Me: A Bachelor Firemen Novel - Jennifer Bernard

Source: Library. The cover and title caught my eye.

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My Thoughts: I loved the chapters covering the fireman auction. Those were ridiculous but funny and were the best part of the book. The rest was a mess, especially the last third of the book where the exes come in. The ex-boyfriend and ex-wife were terrible characters and took over story. The scenes with the ex-boyfriend and Ella Joy were creepy and felt out of place, and it bothered me how Ella Joy still wanted to be in bed with that man, because he seemed like a sicko who likes to take advantage of women. But whatever, Ella wasn’t that great of a character either. She was so annoying since she was the type who uses her looks to get what she wants, and she didn't change much by the end of the book.

The romance between Melissa and Brody was lousy. The misunderstanding they have near the end was unbelievable, because it really was dumb. All they needed to do was talk and tell the other person what was going on, but no, they were too stubborn so this book had to drag on for like another 50 pages.

I also didn’t like Melissa very much, because she kept forgetting about the investigation she was doing even though it was important. Some reporter she is…

Ultimately, I think this book had problems trying to find the right tone. Based on the beginning I thought this would be a comical and light romance, but throughout the novel some dark stuff is thrown in like the child abuse investigation and Melissa's ex-boyfriend's borderline sexual assault on Ella.