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I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It

I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It - Adam Selzer

Source: Library.

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My Thoughts: I'm glad I gave this a second chance. It's actually pretty funny and sweet, and it's a good satire of YA paranormal romance.

The first few chapters are little hard to get through since Ali is so snarky and there is an overwhelming number of music references, but once she meets Doug, the book starts to hit its groove.

I really liked how Ali actually thinks about her relationship with Doug and realizes how it would be silly to throw away her life for him. Because you know... that doesn't happen enough in YA paranormal romances.

If you like this, I would recommend...
Breathers: A Zombie's Lament by S.G. Browne


Not YA, but it's another humorous take on zombies. It's much darker though.