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An Officer And A Millionaire (Silhouette Desire)

An Officer And A Millionaire (Silhouette Desire) - Maureen Child

A strictly ok read. This was my first time reading a romance that features a Navy SEAL, and it was neat on that aspect, but overall I didn't find the romance very good. At first, the book drew me in by beginning with Hunter Cabot, our Navy SEAL, coming home after a long tour overseas, and to his surprise, he finds out that he actually has a wife. The way he meets this woman for the first time is by finding her in his shower, which I found sorta funny.

Once everything is explained how Hunter was married without his knowing, it's pretty dull. I didn't see any sparks between him and Margie. Hunter falls in love with her of course, and it felt forced like it had to happen so we can get the happily ever after. They both also didn't have much personality. Margie was a nice lady who did nice things for the town and for Hunter's grandfather, and Hunter... well all I can remember about him was how he was unsure whether he wanted to stay home or go back on duty.