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Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James

The sexiest man alive… yeah I don’t think Jason Andrews fits the bill, at least for me. He had some cute moments, but he never becomes more than a typical famous movie actor character.

I liked Taylor and how she was witty and sarcastic, but overall I was not fond of her. I definitely did not like how she threw away her career to be with Jason at the end. What an irrational decision especially since she and Jason barely spent any time together. They didn’t even go on one real date. And for crying out loud, he's a super rich movie actor. He can afford to fly to Chicago or even move there. He doesn't have to live in Los Angeles. Seriously in the end, he gave up nothing and had hardly any real character development.

I didn’t appreciate the jokes coming from the sexual harassment trial. Like there was one moment making it seem that the women who are suing this company are being oversensitive to being called chicks. -_- Anything about the trial left a bad taste in my mouth, and I didn’t find Taylor admirable in her moments as a lawyer. I hated how the book made her seem tough and smart and yet makes all the other women in the book be stupid or shallow, basically non-threats or something.

I liked all the other humorous moments. The banter between Taylor and Jason was pretty funny.

But really, this book was as cliched as it can get. No depth to it at all. It's okay if you want something light to read, but it's nothing more than that.