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The First Days: As the World Dies

The First Days: As the World Dies - Rhiannon Frater

Source: Library.

My Thoughts: Terrible.

Characters were shallow. No depth to them at all. Jenni was the most irritating. She acted more like a teenager than an adult. She barely spent any time with her stepson, the only family she has left, after she and Katie risked their lives to rescue him. Instead she was hung up on Katie or was flirting with the guys. Her stepson seemed like the least of her concerns.

Katie wasn't any better. Her sexuality was brought up like every time she was mentioned!

The whole underlying romance thing was lame.

All the characters' interactions did not seem genuine. It was more of a cartoony way of humans reacting to a zombie apocalypse and was like a bad action flick.

I couldn't follow the action at all, because the writing was bad at describing it. There was also a lot of telling about how the characters' were feeling. That was annoying.

Also what's with the dog? The dog doesn't do anything important yet it was always there hanging around. I guess the author thought it was cute to have him there.