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Bought for the Greek's Bed (Harlequin Presents #2645)

Bought for the Greek's Bed - Julia James Woah. Talk about drama. There is a lot of it in this book. It's like a soap opera or something. But hey, I had a lot of fun reading it. I found it amusing how Vicky and Theo, the main couple in the book, hold so much anger towards each other, because their whole ordeal is kinda ridiculous. The mess they get into is the kind that could have been avoided if they would have simply just talked to one another and told the other person how they feel. I mean, I knew right away that their dispute was based on a misunderstanding. Their break up starts out as a mystery, but nothing that is revealed over the course of the book is too surprising. Although, I admit I wasn't sure if they were going to end up together, because they do seem to really despise one another. The author also uses an overly dramatic writing style, which I liked. It gave it that soap opera feel and made the story more entertaining.