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An Heir for the Millionaire: The Greek and the Single MomThe Millionaire's Contract Bride

An Heir for the Millionaire - Julia James, Carole Mortimer

Like the synopsis says, both of the male protagonists in these two stories are named Xander, which is an odd quirk for a collection. I kind of wonder if this was done on purpose like whether it was planned beforehand or whether these stories were written first and then they thought it was a cool idea to bind them together? Huh.

Besides the similar names, both works have a theme of men trying to claim their kid. In The Greek and the Single Mom by Julia James, Xander Anaketos discovers that his ex-mistress, Clare, had his child after he fired her, and while Clare doesn't want him back in her life after the grief he caused her, he wants to be a father and be a part of his son's life. The Millionaire's Contract Bride by Carole Mortimer is about Xander Fraser trying to convince Casey to marry him so his ex-father-in-law won't take his daughter away.

I thought the stories went well together, and I enjoyed both despite some faults they had. The ending to The Greek and the Single Mom sizzled out for me, because I thought Clare, after putting up a tough fight and being so angry with Xander, gave in too easily. I think it could have benefited from a few more pages of she and Xander trying to talk things out. The Millionaire's Contract Bride could also use some more pages, because the characters fell in love so quickly in such a short amount of time.

Overall, I had a good time reading this collection. As always, Julia James drums up some good drama, and she's becoming one of my go-to Harlequin authors so I'm definitely interested in reading her back list. This is my first title from Carole Mortimer so I need to read more of her work before deciding if she's on my higher priority list.