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His Penniless Beauty (Harlequin Presents)

His Penniless Beauty - Julia James

Definitely an over the top romance written in an overly dramatic writing style. (Lots of exclamation points are used!!!)

Yet I liked it.

It's a ridiculous story, no doubt. The melodrama is way up there. Sophie taking an escort job to pay the bills is clearly forced in there just to create drama. I didn't really buy into the excuse that was given to explain why she couldn't take other jobs.

I think what saved this for me was the ending. I liked how the characters own up to their mistakes and misunderstandings, Nikos especially. I thought that guy was a total jerk, because he was always in command of Sophie and talks down at her. At one point, he even asked (more like demanded) her to make a sandwich for him. (No, seriously, he does.) Therefore, I liked how he was completely surprised when he found out the real reason why Sophie needed the money, because he was so sure that she needed it to pay off her credit card bills.

Overall, I guess I was in the right mood for something like this.