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Mine Till Midnight (Hathaway Series #1)

Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas

Source: Bought at Barnes and Noble.

My Thoughts: Love this book! The romance between Cam and Amelia wasn't explored as thoroughly as I wanted it to be, but I still loved it!

Cam was wonderful. I loved how he cared for Amelia and her family. The part where he whisks Amelia away on horseback to make love to her under the stars was magical. He also had some cheeky lines that cracked me up. Also for some reason, the mention of the jewelry he wears like his rings and his one diamond stud earring was hot.

I adored Amelia and how she looked out for her brother and sisters. Like her, I'm the oldest sister in the bunch so I connected deeply to the way she puts her family first even before herself.

I loved the rest of the Hathaways. Leo comes to my mind fore-most. I felt bad for him for still longing for his deceased fiance. I found the part where he finally expresses his grief and actually cries tears to be very powerful.

I read book 2 before this, but now I want to reread it!