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Locket, The

The Locket - Stacey Jay

I wasn't impressed by this. The way Katie was obsessed with her relationship with Isaac turned me off. She is always eager to please him so they can be the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend, and throughout the entire book, she insists that she wants to stay with him even though she clearly knows that she has feelings for her friend, Mitch. I found it irritating that she only wants to stay with Issac, because he's her first love, and she doesn't want to ruin the perfect future she has planned for them. That's just... dumb and incredibly shallow of her.

The story is filled with typical teenager drama. The antagonist is a mean girl (yawn). Katie wants to be in the in-crowd (yawn again). The ending is predictable (You won't be surprised at all). When I finished the book, it didn't feel like it was worth reading, because there was nothing original about it.

The only decent part was the time traveling, but even that was underused. I liked how it drove Katie crazy that little things changed every time she went back in time.