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You Are So Undead to Me: Megan Berry, Zombie Settler Series, Book 1

You Are So Undead to Me  - Stacey Jay

This book wasn't horrible since it was good enough to hold my interest until the end. It does have an intriguing premise, but it just wasn't anything remarkable. The characters are too stereotypical. Megan Berry has boys on the brain too much of the time, Monica is the typical popular girl antagonist, and Ethan is just there to be the college guy Megan has a crush on. And speaking of that relationship (Megan and Ethan do get together in the end.), it's a little creepy. Ethan is eighteen while Megan is barely turning sixteen, and not that it would tone down the creepiness or anything, but their relationship isn't all that well developed. It would have at least seemed a little bit more credible if it was.