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Bonded by Blood (Sweetblood Series #1)

Bonded by Blood - Laurie London

This was a good book to read after my short break from vampire romance novels. I really liked the concept of sweetblood and how vampires can be addicted to it, and as someone who is into biology, I appreciated how basic genetics came into play concerning the people who have sweetblood. The blood bond that is created between Mackenzie and Dominic made their romance interesting and intense at times, because they know what the other person is thinking and feeling. I thought it was neat how their bond played an important part in the end when Dominic is searching for Mackenzie.

I liked both of the main characters. Mackenzie has got some some spunk to her, and I liked that she's a motorcycle chick, because in my readings, I have come across plenty of male bikers but not many female bikers. Dominic is the vampire in this human/vampire coupling. He isn't the super-aggressive, stalkerish kind of vampire, but he is protective of Mackenzie. He also isn't the broody type despite having a tragic past.

The mystery surrounding Mackenzie's disappearing family members isn't hard to figure out, but I still found the story suspenseful, especially towards the end. It also made sense to me that Mackenzie wouldn't want to invest in a relationship since she might disappear too like her dad.

My only complaint was that the book felt a little long and was sluggish in some parts.

I'll definitely be checking out the rest of the series.