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Embraced by Blood (Sweetblood Series #2)

Embraced by Blood - Laurie London

Source: Library.

My Thoughts: I was bored by this book. The romance hardly had a presence.

Alfonso wants to stay away from Lily since he's being followed by an assassin and doesn't want to put her in danger. Too bad the assassin didn't do much in this book and was barely a threat at all. All he did was follow Alfonso's trail and then got distracted by the party the Darkbloods were holding.

Alfonso was basically a pity party throughout the whole book. Again and again I had to read about how he did bad stuff in his past and how he felt bad about it.

Lily... I wasn't sure what to make of her. It felt like she didn't do much except for sniffing out other vampires like a bloodhound. I thought it was ridiculous how she had sex with Alfonso in his hospital bed after his surgery, because "it's to help him recover and give him energy" or some bunk. Plus, Alfonso wasn't even fully awake from the operation...yuck. That raised some alarms for me.