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Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1)

Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1) - Lisa Kleypas

A historical romance with a dash of suspense and mystery thrown in. I liked it for the most part. The story was good. I liked the identity mix up and the surprise that came with learning the woman's true identity. I wasn't attached to the characters that much though. Don't get me wrong. I liked Grant and the mystery woman well enough. Grant's passion and lust, wow, I could feel it burn from the pages. I admired how the mystery woman held strong even though she had amnesia. What I didn't like and rubbed me the wrong way was how Grant is a bit aggressive with her at some points and acts like a jerk. He does make up for it at the end like apologizing for lying and therefore shows some growth in his character which was good, but it didn't make me like him more. Maybe if more of his Bow Street Runner side was shown, I would have connected better with him. I really enjoyed that side to his character.

What I didn't like the most was the ending. It wasn't bad. It was just too far drawn out.

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