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Undead and Unstable (Betsy Taylor Series #11)

Undead and Unstable - MaryJanice Davidson

This one wasn't as annoying to read, but boy has this series lost its luster. Barely anything happened in this book. It was mostly just conversations. And when something important happened (near the end of the book uh-huh), I didn't understand what was going on. I don't even like any of the characters anymore.

I'm assuming this is the end to the time travel arc. Ugh. Honestly, this brought the series down. It felt like an easy way out for the author to retool the series so she could bring back certain characters and make them have a happy ending. Just... such a waste.

And I guess in the next book Betsy is going to meet Fred the mermaid? I only read the first book in Davidson's mermaid series, but Fred is even more annoying than Betsy. I don't know if I could stand to read something with both of these characters.

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