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Kate and Julia: Abducted in India

Abducted in India - Lindsey Brooks

Lots of whipping and caning in this one, all in the form of punishment since Kate and Julia are captured and are being trained as sex slaves. There's also another main character, Penny, and she also receives punishment, but her situation is a little different. She's the one trying to find and rescue Kate and Julia, and she requires help from some men who know where the women are located, but they only help her after they humiliate her and punish her sexually.

So yeah, this is a dark read. I mainly enjoyed the bdsm part of it. There are a lot of these scenes, and I didn't find them boring at all. I didn't really care for the some plot related stuff like Penny and her background and the reason why these men have something against her. It just wasn't that interesting, and honestly I didn't understand Penny's back story too well.

The ending isn't conclusive and is a 'to be continued', which I guess I shouldn't be surprised by since this is volume 1. Luckily, I do have volume 2 on hand. I'm very curious to see where the story goes!

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