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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain, H. Daniel Peck

Interesting how the characters were so superstitious.

I didn't relate much to Tom and his adventures. Most of my childhood was spent playing indoors. It was just too dangerous to be outside, especially by yourself. Besides, there wasn't much explore since the neighborhoods I lived in were just buildings and pavement. I could never go to park, because they were always so far from where I lived.

Amusing as they were, I thought some of Tom's adventures were foolish like when he ran away from home. But I suppose that is the point since Twain was trying to portray the stupid and crazy stuff boys did during his time.

I liked the parts with Tom and Becky. Cute, but I wouldn't go for a boy like Tom even if I lived during that time period.

Felt like the plot meandered and had little sense of direction.

Source: Bought a used book from the local used bookstore.