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New York (The Nightlife, #1)

New York (The Nightlife, #1) - Travis Luedke

The vampire stuff was interesting. It was refreshing to have a male point-of-view in a vampire mistress-slave relationship. But I was not convinced they were in love because of their vampire bond and Michelle's power over Aaron. Also, you don't really see them falling in love. It just happens, and all they pretty much do together is have sex. The sex parts were entertaining though. Lots of biting and amazing feats of strength. But I did find it unsettling when Michelle abused her control over Aaron and commanded his body to have an erection against his will. She did this to punish him I believe. It definitely was not some sort of kinky thing because Aaron felt used after that happened. :|

For some reason, my favorite parts were Aaron doing his escort job. I don't know why, but I guess I found it nice of him to give the women he was with the best time ever.

Kinda odd that Michelle only seems to target woman for feeding? Is it because they're the most vulnerable or easier to target?

I never connected strongly with the characters.

I found the writing kind of stale, but I did like the sarcasm that appeared in Aaron's POV from time to time.

It was strange that minor characters had chapters dedicated to their points-of-view. They didn't seem that important to the story.

The ending was disturbing. I like to push myself and read dark stuff, but the last scene made me feel uncomfortable. Even though Aaron's ex-girlfriend was a bitch, I don't think she deserved to have Michelle's whole hand shoved up her vagina and Michelle threatening to destroy her uterus and ovaries so she couldn't have children. D: That came out of nowhere for me.

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