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It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars #1)

It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars #1) - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Bizarre read. I don't know where to start so I'll just start listing some things.

There was a lot of talk about rape in this book. I did not expect that. Phoebe was raped as a teenager, and there was a sickening revelation at the end when we find out that it was actually her cousin who raped her. Yeah my stomach turned at that.

There was this really, really weird scene near the beginning of the book in which the author leads you to believe that the main male character, Dan Calebow, was having sex with a sixteen year old. This turns out to be not true. It was actually his ex-wife and they were doing some roleplay, but still... why would throw something like that to your audience? It almost made me put down the book.

There was some distasteful language used. Very first example was of the players of the football team being described as plantation slaves honoring their master when they're at the funeral paying their respects to the owner of the football team. What the hell? There was mention of Phoebe of adding Keane, this business guy who needed to be negotiated with about the stadium contract, to her "scalp collection". This comes from Dan's point of view and he doesn't like the way she uses her sexuality against men. But again, what the hell? There was also some use of the n-word. The bad guy used it, but it was really weird how it was thrown in there. I didn't think it added anything to that particular character's voice. It just jarred me.

Dan was a complete jerk. The way he viewed women... ugh. I would stay far, far away from this guy. He had so many mood swings, and most of the time he seemed angry. He and Phoebe had so many fights.

Phoebe... I don't know. A lot of her character was centered on her being a rape victim and how she uses the "bimbo" act to shield herself. Personally, I wanted to see more of her smart side that the book kept talking about, but we nope, we don't get to.

The ending was what drove me to rate this down to one star. It got so ridiculous and over the top, especially when Dan saves the day by throwing a football at the gunman.

I did like how football was in the forefront of the story. A number of sports romances I've read push the sports angle into the background.

I also liked Ron. He was the best character in the book. I'd rather have him and Phoebe hook up.

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