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Mark of the Witch

Mark of the Witch - Maggie Shayne

Source: I bought it at Barnes and Noble. I was in the mood for witches since Halloween is coming up. Therefore, the cover of Mark of the Witch caught my eye.

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My Thoughts: First of all, I read the prequel, Legacy of the Witch, before this book, and I believe it was worth doing so, because even though the prequel takes out some of the mystery of Mark of the Witch, I think it gives you a better sense of what is going on and what the whole series is about.

Out of everything I mainly enjoyed Tomas and Indira, Tomas especially. He was a very well-rounded character. I thought it realistic how he struggled with his faith and with his trust with Father Dom. I also thought the reincarnation/past lovers part was handled well. I liked how bits and pieces were shown through the dream sequences and flashbacks.

I look forward to getting the next book when it comes out.