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All Jacked Up (Rough Riders series #8)

All Jacked Up - Lorelei James

I wasn't into this installment. Just too many things that annoyed me.

Hated how Keely and Jack weren't communicating with each other about their feelings. I wished they could have overcame that sooner. To me, it seemed like a weak way to draw out the story.

Hated the way Keely was running away from her problems. This was mainly at the end of the book like when she faced Jack's ex-girlfriend. It's one thing to leave the party to get away from the bitch, but to drop everything and go to a different place in the city so Jack didn't even know where she is? That's stupid. She didn't even try to talk to Jack to see if the stuff his ex-girlfriend was saying was true. I'm finding it harder to tolerate over the top reactions like this from heroines. Unless there is a good reason for the character to run away like that, I just see it as an easy way out for the author to have the hero chase the heroine.

I wasn't crazy about Keely or Jack as characters. Keely seemed awesome in her short appearances in the other books. I found her annoying here. I didn't like the way she kept pushing that the countryside was better, especially to Jack just because he's a businessman from the city. I didn't find it to be playful teasing, just something to make her feel better and put Jack down. Really, all I can remember from her is being sarcastic to Jack and calling him names. As for Jack, why did he have to come up with a dumb idea to be in a fake engagement with Keely? I wished the author didn't use that tired old trope. When the fake engagement blew up in Jack's face in the end, it made him look bad.

Hated that everyone is pregnant again. All those women from the past books? They're just good for making babies now and that's it. Nothing more. Can't they be doing something else for a change?

I thought it was funny at first the way Keely's brothers were making threats to Jack that they will "gut him" if he ever hurts Keely, but when they actually gang up on Jack in the end and beat him up... I disliked each and every one of them (I disliked Jack too at that point, but I did feel sorry for him when he got punched in the face). At least Carson told them off for doing that.

The sexual chemistry between Keely and Jack was hot at least.

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