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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James

Incredibly cliched. Nothing new here at all. It was like a bad Hollywood romantic comedy. There was no depth to this book whatsoever.

I detested both J.D. and Payton. They're both jerks, and I couldn't find anything admirable about them. Their declaration of love was laughable at the end, because there was no substance to their relationship. I have no idea why they even have feelings for one another except it's because he's hot and she's hot and they're both highly skilled lawyers.

Hated how the author tried to portray Payton as a liberal, feminist. Not only was it cliched since J.D. is of course sexist (J.D.'s views doesn't change at the end of the book by the way.), but it was also a cheap portrayal. In the book, Payton keeps saying outright over and over how she is one (She was raised by a hippie mother who wouldn't let her watch Disney princess movies! Oh noes!) and you see how she shocks her conservative friend by talking about sex in public. -_-

It was weird how J.D.'s troubles with his parents was brought up and nothing was resolved about it.

The only character I liked was Chase, because he seemed like a decent human being, but he only plays as the Nice Guy that Payton doesn't want and breaks up with, because she's in love with an irresistible jerk. Yuck.