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Measure of Devotion (Measure of Devotion, #1)

Measure of Devotion  - Caethes Faron

Kind of an emotionally tough read. For one, the ending is not a happily ever after. It was frustrating how Kale kept pushing Jason away and wouldn't admit his feelings. However, I did like how the last sentence was Kale finally saying Jason's name out loud. I thought that was a powerful moment. Two, I think the beginning can be a little hard to get through since at first, Jason treats Kale so poorly, maybe close to being abusive. Luckily Jason redeems himself once his attitude changes. He realizes the error of his ways and becomes nicer to Kale.

I enjoyed this book for the most part. I couldn't put it down once I started reading. I liked the way Jason starts to fall in love with Kale once he treats Kale better and spends more time with him.

The major con for me was the weak world-building. This seems to be set in an alternate world, and there wasn't much explanation why and how some people are slaves.

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