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Strange Neighbors (Strange Neighbors, #1)

Strange Neighbors (Strange Neighbors, #1) - Ashlyn Chase

The main thing I didn't like was Merry and Jason's romance. Another case of instant love. So annoying.

There were a lot of plot lines going on at the same time. That got annoying too. They seemed to collide with one another instead of work together to tell the overall story.

I did like how Jason turned out to be a a bird shapeshifter. That tidbit didn't make me like Jason. He was still an extremely flat character like everybody else in the book, but at least his secret was interesting.

Merry was REALLY annoying especially when she used PMS as an excuse for her behavior and when she kept repeating herself about using the pill.

The only character I genuinely liked was Nathan, who works in a morgue and turns out to be a bird shapeshifter too. Maybe it was his morbid personality that got me. If he gets his own romance, I would read it.