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Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas

This was so disturbing. I loved it!!

Yeah... I have a sick side me that is into dark stuff like this. I was filled with glee as I saw how the kidnapper was able to break down Emily and make her his slave. And I was happy when she went back to him in the end. Bwhahaha.

I thought it was awesome how the kidnapper was a mute. It made him seem more powerful since he was able to make Emily submit without talking to her. Plus, he did it without physical abuse. He didn't hit Emily or slap her or anything like that. There was some whipping, but I don't count that since he didn't use that as punishment. I believe he wanted Emily to associate the pain from whipping as something that was erotic and turned her on. He did it in his sex dungeon so that speaks to his kink. I actually liked him. He was a monster, but I liked him.