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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Book 1)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants  - Ann Brashares

Source: Own a copy. Got it as a birthday present a long time ago I think.

Review: This one for me was hovering between two or three stars. I went with two stars, because I think it could have been much better. For one, the writing was choppy. I didn't like how often the perspectives switch from the one character to the next. This usually happens every couple of pages, which is jarring. The quotes before each chapter also didn't mean much to me and seem pointless since I forgot about them once I read the chapter. They're there likely for the philosophical factor.

I found Carmen's and Lena's story more interesting than the other two. It was odd though how all of a sudden Carmen accepts her dad's new family. I would like to have seen more conversation between her and her dad about how he left her and her mom and how he pretty much ignored her during her stay at his house. I thought it was touching how he cried when he realized how much he hurt Carmen, but to have everything seem all okay at the wedding doesn't seem genuine to me. It was also odd to me how Lena is in love with Kostos and she kisses him in the end. I thought it would have been better just for her to admit to him that she has crush on him. A confession of love was a bit over the top for me since they had very little interaction.

I didn't really like Bridget's story. It just seems handled weirdly. I wasn't sure whether Bridget lost her virginity to the older guy or just came close to. The author was very vague about that. Either way, whatever happened, I still felt bad for Bridget. Her story presents a realistic issue of not being emotionally ready for sex. I think the writing prevented me from not liking her story more.

The story I liked least was Tibby's. It felt cliched to me, because of the wise little girl with cancer making a deep impact on the character. You pretty much know that the little girl is going to end up dying.

Not a bad read. I enjoyed it honestly. (I felt a bit depressed after finishing it though for some reason. Perhaps the angst is getting to me.) I see from other reviews that people liked the movie better. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to so I can see if the movie handles the material better. I'll put a review of it on here once I do.