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Did not finish: Fallen Roses by Laura Brooke

Fallen Roses - Laura Brooke

I went about halfway through Fallen Roses and gave up, because I was too bored by it. It was not catching my attention at all, and I didn't want to waste any more of my time with it.


Since the cover doesn't appear to be on any sites, I scanned it.


Fallen Roses by Laura Brooke front coverFallen Roses by Laura Brooke back cover


Book description:


MARIENBAD, AUSTRIA. 1905. In the scented gardens and shady promenades of Europe's most luxurious spa, they flirted, gossiped, and romanced . . . powerful men and pampered ladies, pursuing their pleasures while England's King Edward VII turned dazzling extravagance into a fine art. Into this decadent world came young Katie Conway, fresh-hearted, proud, and intrigued by the work of a young doctor studying the spa's health-giving secrets. Katie learned much from the doctor--and discovered the breathless stirrings of passion in his urgent embrace. Even though she fled from the desires of her heart, returning home to America, Katie's fate was sealed forever.


But with the passing of the year, and the success of her natural cosmetics empire, Katie changed . . . and so did the world. The glamour that once had gilded Europe like a radiant jewel darkened under the iron clouds of war. And Katie, in the full beauty of womanhood, sailed back to nurse the wounded amidst the carnage and chaos of the front lines. Now she vowed to reclaim the love she had so foolishly abandoned. Now, in the arms of her lover, she would cherish a passion as rare, as exquisite, as the blush of . . . Fallen Roses