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Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook

Must Love Dogs - Claire Cook

I don't recommend this book. I found none of the characters likable. They were all nutty. I didn't find Sarah admirable in any way. She was incredibly flaky  and had no idea what she wanted.


I also watched the movie, and I found the film to be much better than the book. The changes they made improved the story, and it was funnier.


Either way, I want to note that dogs are not a big part of the story despite the title. Sarah's sister puts "Must love dogs." in Sarah's dating ad (in the novel) or matchmaking profile (in the movie) to make it sound more appealing. Sarah then borrows her brother's dog for a date that she has with one of her suitors. Dogs don't have much of a role after that. To me, the title would have been a cute for a romance involving dog owners or something like that.