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Snow in April by Rosamunde Pilcher

Snow in April - Rosamunde Pilcher

Pretty average read. Very light.


Biggest thing that stuck out to me was how Snow in April didn't go into depth about Caroline and Oliver's relationship. You see that they begin to have feelings for each other, but the book doesn't go into detail about it. In fact, the book ends pretty much as soon as Oliver declares that he will marry Caroline, which is weird because they didn't spend that much time together.


I didn't like the way Oliver bosses Caroline around, and how incredibly passive Caroline is. This was published in 1972, and you can tell that it's dated.


It's still a sweet story despite the lack of romance. I liked the big sister-little brother relationship Caroline and Jody have. Jody was a well written young boy. I didn't find him annoying. Instead I empathized with him since he wants to find his older brother so badly.

Reading this made me interested in trying out Pilcher's other works, but I can't say I recommend this one.