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Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

Secrets of a Summer Night  - Lisa Kleypas

Wallflowers #1


My second time reading. I'm not in love with it like the first time, but it's still very good.


I thought the writing was top notch. There were many instances where I thought the wording was pretty.


I liked the interaction between the wallflowers the best. It was a lot of fun plus I liked seeing the ladies help each other out. There were some funny moments like when the wallflowers were discovered playing rounders in their undergarments. Even more hilarious were Lilian and Lord Westcliff's interactions. Lillian is sassy and isn't afraid to say what she wants to say to Westcliff, and Westcliff is just amazed at Lilian's nerve. I'm glad their book is next, because I definitely want to see what happens between them.


I thought the weakest part was the romance between Annabelle and Simon. It was sort of boring and bland. There were some great moments though like when Simon gifted boots to Annabelle since she didn't own a good pair of walking shoes.. Annabelle also saveed Simon when he got trapped in the burning warehouse.



I definitely recommend.