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Catnap by Carole Nelson Douglas

Catnap - Carole Nelson Douglas

Midnight Louie #1


After finishing the Cat Who books, I'm trying to find another mystery series to latch onto.


Catnap was ok. I mainly didn't like Louie's chapters. He's a cat and sometimes the book goes into his point of view. I thought his voice was hard to get into, because he tries too hard to sound witty. Sometimes I even had trouble following what Louie was saying.


The other chapters were better. I liked how it took place during a book convention and how the mystery revolves around a murdered editor. Some side characters were writers too.


It takes place in Las Vegas. I'm always interested in books set in my resident state.


I'm not sure if I'll continue this series. It's not something that really pulls me in, but there's a lot of potential. The next book deals with a stripper competition (of course since it's in Vegas), and that's interesting.


My rating: 3/5

Do I Recommend?: No