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Double Full by Kindle Alexander

Double Full - Kindle Alexander

Nice Guys #1


A male cheerleader with a male football player. I definitely like that idea... The opening scene in the locker room was pretty hot.


"I want to hear you cheer my name now, cheer boy," Colt growled in his ear, before turning Jace's head to the side, capturing his lips in a heated kiss.


I had some problems though.


The villains were stereotypical. Colt's dad is a typical, hateful homophobic jerk, and Colt's girlfriend is a typical, evil bitch.


Colt's and Jace's voices weren't very distinct from each other. I didn't have trouble telling who is who, but I feel like their personalities weren't fully fleshed out.


Colt seems stalkerish and obsessive since he knows a lot about Jade from watching him or following him from afar.


A character introduced towards the end felt a little forced in. It makes me think the next book will be focused on him.


"Your mouth... my dreams... fuck, you feel so good."


But I enjoyed it. I liked how it takes place in Kauai, one of the major Hawaiian islands. I actually lived there for a few years when I was a kid.


I'll read the sequel when it comes out.


My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (good, a little above average)

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