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Summer of the Unicorn by Kay Hooper

Summer of the Unicorn - Kay Hooper

Unicorns! Heck yeah! I could not resist getting this book once I saw the cover. It looks epic.


The best part was the worldbuilding since it was detailed and rich. I loved how the unicorns were an important part of the story. There were other mythological creatures too like dragons and mermaids.


I was impressed how Siri was strong physically. At one point, she helps Hunter get dressed since Hunter is still recovering from his wounds, and she has no trouble at all lifting his weight. Hunter is amazed but also a little embarrassed by this since she handles him as if he were a child.


Siri is also quite the warrior since she is the Keeper (guardian) of the unicorns. She as well as Hunter fight against the bad guys at the end.


Speaking of the bad guys, don't read this book if you're uncomfortable reading about rape, because the bad guy, Boran, is bent on raping Siri. There is a reason to this, because whoever takes the virginity of the Keeper gains some powers, and Boran is a power hungry guy. It becomes quite disturbing though, because Boran has a pendant that gives him mind control powers and throughout the book he takes control of Siri and seduces her. He makes her take off her clothes and fondles her and that kind of thing and at one point was very close to actually... penetrating her. (I don't feel comfortable even writing this, but I feel like it should be noted.) He basically sexual assaults her. 


Siri does get back at Boran though. Through some magic,

she takes away his manhood, his virility. And boy does Boran freak out since he seems to view his penis as a big part of his strength:


Boran had never felt such rage--or such fear. That she could steal his manhood with such ease was a stunning shock, and because his sexual organs were so often used as weapons, he felt as momentarily defenseless as an archer without his bow. And then rage overwhelmed all else.

(show spoiler)


Unlike Boran who is pure scum, Hunter was pretty awesome. Sometimes I thought he was a tiny bit whiny pleading Siri that he loves her, but he does seem to be overwhelmed by his attraction to her. I did like how he admired both her beauty and strength and how he tried to understand Siri's view and position.


Rating: 4 out of 5

Source: Bought it from a Friends of the Library book sale