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Movie: Bambi (1942)

I read the book. Now for the movie!


Bambi has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. I remember watching it many times on my VHS copy when I was a kid.


When I got the Platinum Edition DVD, I was amazed how beautiful the animation was. It's absolutely stunning! They did a great job restoring the movie. The colors are vibrant, and the picture is crystal clear. VHS absolutely didn't do it justice.

And then when I look at the year it was released (1942), I just can't believe it was made so long ago! That's incredible.


Disney's narrative is good. It carries a message that is within the spirit of the original. But for me, it doesn't match up to the book. Reading the book ruined the movie for me, because now I sort of roll my eyes at the cute animals and funny gags. I like it, but it doesn't emotionally move me as much as Salten's work. (On that note, I would love to see a more strict film adaptation of Bambi: A Life in the Woods.)


No complaints about the music. Disney uses it flawlessly as a narrative device. For instance Man is never seen, but his presence is indicated by the music, and it really adds to the suspense.


Personally, my favorite song is Little April Shower. I have it on my iTunes.


It's definitely a classic. Fun fact: It was added to the National Film Registry in December 2011.


Rating: 4 out of 5

Source: Bought it.


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