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Swan and the Bear by Eve Langlais

Swan And The Bear  - Eve Langlais

Furry United Coalition, #2


I thought Mason and Jessie were a little more entertaining as a couple than Chase and Miranda from the first book, Bunny and the Bear. Jessie is a computer nerd while Mason is a ladies' man. Pretty typical stuff, but at least the swan shifter and bear shifter aspect freshened that up a bit. Some funny material there.


I wanted more background information on Jessie and Mason though. I wanted to learn more about Jessie and her family of swan shifters. Mason's mom and dad also show up, but you hardly get to know them.


Mason and Jessie also spend most of their time thinking about getting into each others pants. It's a comedic erotic romance and stays on the lighter side of things, but they're working for a secret agency and there's a bad guy out there kidnapping shapeshifters. I thought there would be at least more talk and action concerning that, but sex was more of the priority.


Pretty much on the same level as the first book.


Rating: 3 out of 5

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