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Bambi: A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten

Bambi: A Life in the Woods - Felix Salten, Michael J. Woods

Bambi #1


Second time reading and I loved it!


This is the original book that the Disney movie is based on (I will be writing a review on the movie too). I like the movie in its own right, but Salten's work is more fulfilling.


The novel is much more complex, especially regarding the issue of man or rather Man as it is written in the book. Man is seen more as a god. He seems all-powerful and invulnerable to Bambi and the rest of the animals, and they are deeply afraid of Him. Bambi learns at the end though

when he and his father find a dead man's body that Man is not a god. He is not something above them, but on the same level as animals. He is no different. He can die. There is Another that is above man and animals. That was the final lesson the old prince of the forest, Bambi's father, wanted to teach his son before he passed away.

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Even though this is an English translation, it is a very good translation. I found the writing to be absolutely beautiful despite being simple as it was. I was even moved by the chapter about the two falling leaves.


It's dark. Animals act like animals. Predators go after prey. Death isn't a stranger and is a part of nature.


Unlike the movie, the book gives more attention to Bambi's relationship with his father. His father, being the noble old prince, is a mysterious character at first since he pops up from time to time, but eventually he and Bambi spend a bit of time together. You get a better sense that the old prince cares about Bambi since he is trying to teach his son how to survive.


Rating: 5 out of 5

Source: Borrowed from library. (This will be going on my wishlist, because I want a copy for my own.)