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Movie: Bachelor Apartment (1931)

I'm behind on my reading. Doh! I'll probably be posting other kinds of reviews in the meantime. Hope you guys don't mind.




A New York playboy (Lowell Sherman) dates wild women until he falls for a hard-working stenographer (Irene Dunne). --TMDb


Kind of a creepy looking poster with the leering man but be assured that Bachelor Apartment is a comedy!


I thought it was mildly amusing. It was a light and fun movie to watch. I had a few chuckles at playboy Wayne Carter trying to woo the woman he wants while other women keep barging in and causing trouble.


For instance, a married woman insists she wants to have an affair with Carter even though Carter keeps saying no, and at one point her husband shows up in a rage and threatens to shoot Carter. Luckily no shots are fired when the husband realizes his mistake.


Rating: 3 out of 5

Source: Caught on the TCM channel on tv