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Movie: Cupid (2012)

Cupid Hallmark movie posterWith Valentine s Day approaching, Eve Lovett (Joely Fisher), a workaholic TV talk show host with a string of failed relationships, is worried she will never find true love.  But when a mysterious stranger named Vernon Gart (Jamie Kennedy) shows up on the set claiming to work for Cupid, Inc., Eve has no idea her love life is about to get an arrow right through the heart. -- Amazon.com


Corny movie, but I actually liked it. It was cute. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.


It was a little goofy and slapsticky, but it didn't go overboard. I liked the actress who played the talk show host. She played off the humor well.


The guy playing cupid was the weakest link. He was stiff and didn't capture the character's cheekiness fully.


Cupid features an older woman looking for love, which is nice. I thought her falling in love with her producer was a good fit, and I liked how she, being the star of the talk show, was the big shot around the place. She was in command, but they didn't make her seem... stereotypically bitchy She also wasn't desperate for a man, just lonely.


It was a good, fluffy movie.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Source: Watched it on tv. I think they're playing it again on Valentine's Day on the Hallmark Channel if you're interested in watching.


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