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The Cat Who Went Bananas by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Went Bananas - Lilian Jackson Braun

Cat Who, # 27


Eeeek. Another bad Cat Who book.


Again it read like a rough draft. It lacked focus and polish.


The beginning showed some promise with the theatre club doing Oscar Wilde's play, The Importance of Being Earnest. I thought it was funny when someone yelled "SHUT UP!" to quiet those who kept talking while the play was being performed. An actor from the play also suddenly dies in a car accident which caught my attention.


The book from that point on though lost some steam. It focused on the bustle surrounding Polly's bookstore and its grand opening. Some of that I was fine with. I liked the bookstore cat, the unveiling of a cat statue, and Qwill's tribute to Eddington. Qwill also begins to have second thoughts about his relationship with Polly and shows some interest in Violet so finally something on that front. I was intrigued by that. But overall the small town doings were pretty mundane.


The mystery part was bad and poorly handled. It was hardly even there. It only came up right at the end (I'll address the ending shortly but first some other things).


Koko didn't have much of a role. He didn't give out much clues either. The odd thing he did in this book was steal banana peels and leave them around to try and make certain characters slip. I found that to be more of a silly antic than a clever clue.


A new character, Kenneth, was introduced. I thought he was an interesting fellow since he was posing as a copyboy to keep an eye on someone. He also helped Qwill with errands and Qwill seemed to like him very much. I thought he might even help Qwill with snooping like Celia Robinson did, but that didn't happen. Instead, Kenneth leaves with no explanation. He disappears. All you ever find out was that

Alden Wade was his stepdad. Kenneth suspected that Alden had something to do with his mother's death when she was killed by a sniper's bullet long ago.

(show spoiler)


And nothing about Alden (the obvious baddie/suspect) was cleared up in the end. The ending was absolutely terrible! No questions were answered. Why did Kenneth leave and where did he go? Why did Alden marry Violet? Was it for money? Did he actually like her? Did Alden have a hand in the actor's death, Kenneth's mother's death or even with Kenneth's father's suicide? Did Alden really steal that rare book from Polly's library? If so why?


There were no answers whatsoever. It was frustrating.


Alden also

dies in the end in a dumb way by running into a burning house to rescue his dog.

(show spoiler)

Qwill just basically shrugs about Alden Wade and is like "Oh well. Guess we'll never know the truth." Like, what was the point?


My Rating: 1 out of 5

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