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Movie: Autumn Leaves (1956)

A woman falls for a younger man with severe mental problems. --TMDb


>>Spoilers in this review!<<


I've been getting into older movies lately thanks to the magic of DVR. I have recorded many, and Autumn Leaves was the first one I watched.


I went into this not knowing what to expect so as I watching, I wasn't sure if it was going to turn out to be a romantic film or something darker. The movie starts out with a light tone, but after Millie and Burt get married, things get pretty twisted. You first find out that Burt was already married to another woman. Then Burt starts showing signs that something isn't quite right with him. Ultimately, you find out the sickening reason that triggered Burt's mental instability: Burt saw his wife in bed with his father. My stomach turned at that, and I felt sorry for Burt.


But Burt himself was scary too, and I was worried for Millie, because at one point Burt loses his mind and crushes Millie's hand with her typewriter. I then felt bad for Millie and wanted her to get out of that relationship for the sake of her safety.


It's not as easy as that though since Millie truly loves and cares for Burt. I loved how she stood up to Burt's father and ex-wife and told them off.


Millie then makes the hard decision to have Burt sent to a mental hospital, and there's a montage showing Burt undergoing painful tests like being shocked with electricity, which I found hard to watch.


Somehow in the end, Burt is cured. Millie worries beforehand that curing Burt's illness will change him so he won't be in love with her anymore, but it turns out that he still does, and we get a Hollywood style happy ending.


I was definitely surprised how this movie turned out. I liked the themes it tackled, and even though the happy ending came too easily (I would have liked to see Burt more remorseful about the harm he did to Millie), I was glad to see everything work out for Millie and Burt.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Source: It was on TV. I caught it on the TCM channel.


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