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Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas

Blue-Eyed Devil - Lisa Kleypas

Travis, #2


I'm starting to think that Kleypas's contemporaries are not for me. Blue-Eyed Devil was not an improvement over Sugar Daddy.


This is supposed to be Hardy's book. Yet in Blue-Eyed Devil you don't learn anything more about him. He was generic. He did not at all become a fuller character. I don't even get why he fell in love with Haven. It's more like lust.


Haven wasn't as irritating as Liberty, but I ended up not liking her anyway. Her character suffers from being so incredibly privileged. Like Liberty, she gets things handed to her instead of working for it and earning it on her own.


I think this is a tricky thing to talk about since Haven suffered a very real problem in society: domestic violence. I appreciated that the author tried to tackle that subject in this novel.


BUT... the way Haven was able to escape her abusive husband and deal with her trauma bugged me, because it seemed shallow.


Remember how I said Haven is privileged? Here are some following examples. After Nick (the psychopathic husband) beats Haven up and kicks her out of their house with no shoes, no money, basically nothing, she is rescued by her brother's friend whom miraculously finds her and flies her to Houston on his private jet. Private jet.


Haven then gets a divorce, but that was mostly handled by her brother so she never had to see Nick again after the fight.


Another brother than gives Haven an apartment and a job at his company.


Haven then wins Hardy, another extremely rich guy, simply by existing. She really didn't do anything that I can recall that explains Hardy falling in love with her unless you count that accidental make-out session in the dark wine cellar during Liberty's wedding reception. But that adds to my point that Hardy lusts after Haven.


So in all, Haven has a lot of rich dudes looking after her. (I didn't even mention her third rich brother, her rich dad, or successfully rich designer friend.) It's nice that they care for her, but it makes everything convenient for Haven so she ends up not doing much of anything. She remains helpless and stays as a damsel in distress. Hardy even rescues her after she's trapped in an elevator. C'mon man!


There were some instances where Haven claims that she hates being rich and having it easy. For example, Haven refuses to be first in the emergency room when there were many people before her. She also feels bad about her brother giving her a job at his company since it didn't go to someone who deserved it. But these were very small instances. A blip in the scope of the book so overall I found Haven to be hypocritical and superficial. She doesn't take any action herself to make up for having this privilege like give money to charities or try to go out in the world and help people. She doesn't do anything.


The one action she does in the end is finally stand up to Vanessa, whom is the stereotypical evil bitch. Haven threatens her to return one of the company worker's money or else she'll tell her brother. Haven's brother also happens to overhear this and fires Vanessa. I wasn't impressed with this at all, because Haven should have gone to her brother in the first place about Vanessa and have her fired. It's the privileged thing to do, but at least she would be doing something with her privilege and taking direct action instead of being passive. If she would have done this in the first place she would have saved her co-workers a lot of grief too. But no, this action is saved for the final act.


Just ugh. I expect better from Kleypas. I love her Hathaway series.


I think I'll read her her Wallflowers series next so I can get rid of the ill will I got from reading this book. Then I will read Smooth Talking Stranger, the third book of the Travis series. I would normally just skip it, but I actually bought that too so... I might as well read it and get something out of it. (This is why I'm pushing myself to check out books from the library before buying them for my own.)


My rating: 1.5 out of 5

Source: Bought it.


Other ratings

Goodreads: 4.22 out of 5

Amazon: 4.5 out of 5


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