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Video Game: Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning

I'm glad I got this through PlayStation Plus, because I found the setting and story to be very bland and generic. Just typical fantasy stuff. I skipped through all the conversations, because they weren't interesting at all. I ended up not caring for the world or for any of the inhabitants.


The actual gameplay was good though! That was kept me going. I enjoyed the hack and slash combat and how you can choose different weapons. My favorites were the magic staff and chakrams, circular weapons that you throw at throw at enemies.


There are many, many quests. They get repetitive, because they're mostly the same thing over and over with fetching items or just going to point a then point b... but I wasn't bother by that too much since the combat is fun.


The customization was ok. You can pick your character's sex and race. There are two human races and two elf races to choose from if I'm remembering correctly. Then you can customize your character's face and hair. Not too many options there though.


What I liked most was how weapons and armor had their own designs. There are also special sets of special armor with really cool designs.


Interesting tidbit: Reckoning has a bookish link. An author by the name of R. A. Salvatore helped with creating the lore for the game.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Source: Obtained through PlayStation Plus