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The Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Talked Turkey - Lilian Jackson Braun

Cat Who, #26


Well... the Goodreads and Amazon ratings weren't a lie. I can see why they're low.


The Cat Who Talked Turkey totally read like a rough first draft.


The writing was stale and didn't resemble the author's writing style. It lacked the usual charm and humor.


It needed some major editing, because for one, some parts were repetitive. For instance Polly talks twice about the width of aisles in a bookstore (She's working on building her new shop). It was like deja vu, because her conversations with Qwill were the same each time. I could not believe it when it happened.


All the characters were flat. Even Qwill and the rest of the usual cast lacked personality.


The handling of the mystery is really bad now. Qwill in these later books doesn't snoop around and search for clues anymore. Instead a person comes to him and conveniently reveals everything. In The Cat Who Talked Turkey,

one of the bad guys comes to Qwill's house. The bad guy is high on drugs and is really relaxed and confirms when he talks to Qwill that he and his girlfriend were responsible for the murders. He then commits suicide right in front of Qwill, whom is strangely unfazed by this. Correction: The bad guy shoots himself in the gazebo when Qwill goes back inside his house to call the cops. It's very disturbing since the cats were with the bad guy, and when Qwill heard the gunshot, he thought Koko or Yum Yum might have been killed. The suicide ultimately doesn't faze Qwill, because in the next chapter he tries to think of other things and easily puts it out of his mind.

(show spoiler)


It's sad seeing the series become a shadow of itself. I strongly suspect that the author's age might have something to do with it since she was in her nineties (wow!) when she wrote these last few books and she might have not been in the best of health.


I'm not discouraged in finishing the series though. I've grown attached to Qwill, his cats, and Moose County, and I want to see it until the end. There's only three more books anyway.


My Rating: 1.5 out of 5

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Other ratings

Goodreads: 3.65 out of 5

Amazon: 2.5 out of 5


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