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[erotica] The Auction by Kitty Thomas

The Auction - Kitty Thomas

Bdsm and aliens. Ooooh yes. I'm starting to realize that I may have a thing for alien erotica. I think they're fun to read. I haven't come across any super weird ones yet though!


So what we have here are humanoid aliens with dragonish features like retractable claws and wings, sharp teeth, and skin colors such as red and blue. The males are also very well endowed. *waggles eyebrows* Of course. Ha.


I kinda wish the aliens were better described though. I had trouble picturing them. Thomas's writing kinda lacked in this department. I wanted better details not only on the aliens' looks but also on their abode. It's a short story, but I would have liked it to be vivid and not plain.


I thought the way the menage was linked to the alien's culture was interesting. They share their mates with others first. Here's how Master, one of the aliens, explains it to Belle:


"Our kind has always shared mates because it causes all the males in the family to become strongly attached to all the females, encouraging us to equally protect them all. If we don't know who offspring belongs to, we treat them all as our own. It allows our kind to go on. It's also about respect. We share what brings us pleasure with the other males in our family. It's just our way."


Here's a quote from Belle's point-of-view that makes the menage to me more than just something for the sexy factor. (This takes place after she has accepted being Master's mate, and she's watching him have sex with his brother's mate.) It actually has some emotional meaning to it.


Sharing your mate with someone else was to them like sharing food might be to humans. Something you did with those you loved because you loved them and wanted them to have good things, wanted them to enjoy the same things you enjoyed, to share the experience.


I didn't like how it suddenly ends. It's pretty short too. I wanted more.


The aliens stole the show for me. Belle was ok. I couldn't get totally get into her mindset, because her thoughts her were kinda erratic. Her hesitation and fears about the aliens and the evolution of her attraction to them were flat . It wasn't handled as gracefully as I would have liked.


Rating: 3 out of 5

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