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[mystery] The Cat Who Brought Down the House by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Brought Down The House - Lilian Jackson Braun

You're probably sick of seeing this series popping up on my blog, but don't worry! I only got 4 more books to go. ;)



Cat Who, Book 25


The writing quality is really noticeably different. It feels dry and reads more like an outline or a rough draft. I even noticed some errors and typos such as missing quotation marks which made the dialogue a bit confusing.


Things are not well explained, which is not good for newcomers to the series. These books can normally be read without having to read the others. (It's the not the best way to read this series I would say, but it can be done.)


The Thackeray mystery was predictable but still kinda interesting.


Polly all of a sudden wants to leave the library and start her own bookshop. That came out of nowhere. She protests,

"Libraries, we said, used to be all about books! And people who read! Now it's all about audios and videos and computers and people in a hurry. What used to be serenely open floor space is now cluttered with everything except books."


That's disappointing to read, but it's her opinion. Personally I'm glad libraries are more than just books. I've checked out my share of movies, music cds, and even video games.


The book introduced me to the phrase "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." I haven't heard that one before, and I like it.


This must be where the series takes a downhill turn. I've heard a lot that the last books aren't up to par. Just look at these Goodreads ratings.


 Cat Who series Goodreads ratings


Wow. o_o I'm still looking forward to reading them though. They're light and comfy reads that put me in a good mood.


Rating: 2.5 stars


Source: Bought. Isbn 055136557


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