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[erotic romance] Impact by Cassandra Carr

Impact - Cassandra Carr

Buckin' Bull Riders Book 1


First off, not exactly a sexy cover. I mean... a woman showing her butt crack? o_O Ehh...


The blurb caught my eye though. Bull riders and bdsm? Yeehaw, I am so there. Bull riding is my favorite event to watch at the rodeo. It's so much fun to watch. Here's a random clip from YouTube showing the sport.


The bdsm part is prominent in the first chapter where Conner is at a bdsm club with a sub (not Jessica, a different woman) but then it peters off as the story progresses. He acts as a dom with Jessica, but it's light-handed. A lot of it was him ordering her to give him a blowjob. At least that's my impression looking back on this novel. The sex scenes weren't all that steamy.


The bull riding was present and wasn't purely in the background. That's good. Conner and his friend Brady are bull riders and are taking part in a tour so they are traveling from place to place to get to the events. They ride some bulls, but unfortunately it's summed up in like a short, quick paragraph. The book also goes into Conner and Brady's preparations for their ride, but it's very done very vaguely.


Major downfall for me took place at the end.

Ryan is Jessica's co-worker, and he rats out Jessica and Conner's relationship to their boss. Conner is of course pissed once he finds out and threatens to beat Ryan up. Ok I get that even though I thought Conner got too aggressive at times in this book.


Conner also threatens Ryan to never show his face around again, forcing Ryan to quit his job. Oook, too alpha for me, but hey Conner is protecting his woman I guess. That's enough punishment for Ryan right? Right? Nope.


Jessica then slaps Ryan's face. Holy shit. I actually right then and there felt sorry for Ryan. He was just a jealous dude, and telling Jessica's boss about her getting involved with Conner was the only bad thing he did. It was a dickish thing to do, because it cost Jessica her job (her position had the potential of being abused since she could help Conner if she chose to) but the book makes it seem like an unspeakable act with all the hate he got from the characters, like he's the ultimate bad guy. But he was such a minor character. It was overkill.

(show spoiler)


Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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