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[historical romance] The Year of Living Scandalously by Julia London

The Year of Living Scandalously - Julia London

The Secrets of Hadley Green Book 1


A romance with a bit of mystery in the background.


For me, I was way more into the mystery part than the romance between Keira and Declan.


Keira and Declan weren't exactly boring. I thought their past together and the tragedies they both experienced were intriguing. Their attraction to each other I understood, but it wasn't exciting. It didn't have that spark.


Yeah, you know that mystery I was talking about. It's actually not solved in this book. (Likely saving it for the sequel?) I wasn't too bothered by that. I just hope it isn't stretched out over several books. I do plan on continuing the series eventually, because I want to find out what happened to the jewels and what was going on with Lily's aunt.


Cliffhanger ending! The book ends just when Lord Eberlin's reveals his true identity to Lily. Eberlin is actually

Mr. Scott's son. I wasn't terribly surprised since he was pointed out specifically and named in the prologue during Mr. Scott's trial. I knew he just had to be popping up sooner or later.

(show spoiler)

I'm actually curious how Lily is going to handle Eberlin and how their relationship is going to turn out.


I gotta say something about the cover. The one I have is the same as the picture included in my review. It's not a bad cover, but I don't think it suits the book. It makes it seem like it's a sexy story especially with a title like The Year of Living Scandalously, and it's not. It's pretty tame. The scandalous part was Keira pretending to the countess of Ashwood when she's not.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Source: One of those random books I bought at a Friends of the Library sale.