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[mystery] The Cat Who Smelled a Rat by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Smelled a Rat - Lilian Jackson Braun

Cat Who Book 23


Hmm. Not a good Cat Who book, but at least it wasn't boring! That's what kept me from lowering my rating.


There was a lot going on in this installment. Lots of minor characters kept popping up that I had a hard time keeping track of them. Lots of pieces to the crime (the fires, the murder, a character runs away, etc.) that it felt all over the place.


I said in my last review that Nightingale appeared to be fishy. It turns out

my hunch was right. He ends up being one of the criminals. New characters usually are the bad guys. It's predictable.

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Bookstore guy, Eddington,

dies! :( At least it was from a heart attack and not murder. No characters are safe from death in this series.

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Qwill and Polly's relationship isn't making any progress. The routine of Polly getting jealous of other women is becoming old.


What happened to the soup restaurant, The Spoonery, that Lori and Nick Bamba were running? I thought their business was a success? Qwill mentions that they were innkeepers and recommends them for the job at the new Nutcracker Inn, but he didn't mention the Bambas' restaurant. Did the author forget about it?


Derek singing songs and Qwill being his secret songwriter was fun.


Amanda is well on her way on being elected the next mayor since

the old mayor ends up being arrested.

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I hope Amanda comes up more in the next books. She's a grouch, but I find her funny.


Qwill finally talks about his past marriage. It's only for a paragraph, but it reveals a lot and is pretty depressing. No wonder he was reluctant to talk about it before.


Rating: 3 out of 5

Source: Bought it years ago.